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A Seamless Website Transformation for Monster Logistic


Monster Logistic, founded in 2020, has established itself as a trusted logistics partner in Johor Bahru. With a focus on simplifying and optimizing the logistics process for businesses of all sizes, they offer a range of services, including Land Freight, Sea Freight, and Air Freight.

monster logistic homepage design


1. Building Trustworthiness Trough Website Design:
Trust is the cornerstone that makes customers willing to collaborate with you, how to establishing a sense of trust through a website might be a challenge.

2. Real-time Shipment Tracking With Ease:
Allow their customers to effortlessly track the status of their shipments on the website.

3. Information Sharing:
To share information on their website so that their customers can learn more about what they should be aware of when shipping something.

track shipment status


1. Revamped Design:
We are working closely with Monster Logistic to redesign the website and meet their needs, incorporating Monster Logistic’s brand colors and creating a modern, responsive interface.

2. Streamlined Shipment Tracking:
Implemented a prominent ‘Track Shipment’ bar at the top of every page, seamlessly linked to Monster Logistic’s system for real-time tracking.

3. Dedicated Article Page:
Created an informative article page, empowering Monster Logistic to share valuable insights and information about their services.

mobile homepage design


1. A Clear Brand Image:
The website design projects a clear brand image, reflecting modern aesthetics and ensuring a visually appealing experience across various devices.

2. Real-time Shipment Updates:
Customers can now easily track their shipments in real-time directly on the website, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

3. Informed Customer Base:
The dedicated article page empowers Monster Logistic to educate its customers about various aspects of their services, providing customers with a clear understanding of what to be aware of when shipping their goods.

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