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A Modenization Website Design for LIONS CLUB OF JB AUSTIN

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Lions Club of JB Austin is a dedicated community service organization committed to making a positive impact in Johor Bahru and beyond. With a rich history of service and a passion for philanthropy, we strive to address the most pressing needs of our community through various outreach programs and initiatives.


1. Outdated Website Design:

Lions Club of JB Austin faced the challenge of an outdated website design, hindering effective representation of the organization’s mission and community service projects.

2. Limited Visibility and Awareness:

The organization struggled with limited visibility and awareness within the community, impacting its ability to attract supporters and volunteers.

3. Engagement and Participation:

Encouraging active engagement and participation from community members, volunteers, and donors posed a significant challenge due to inaccessible platforms and limited communication channels.


1. Website Redesign and Modernization:
Lions Club of JB Austin initiated a comprehensive website redesign, incorporating modern features and user-friendly navigation to enhance engagement and usability.

2. Strategic Communication and Outreach:

The organization implemented strategic communication and outreach strategies, leveraging social media, email newsletters, and community events to amplify its message and attract new supporters.

3. Enhanced Engagement Platforms:

Lions Club of JB Austin introduced interactive features on its website to facilitate seamless communication, donations, and event participation, encouraging active involvement from the community.


1. Increased Visibility and Awareness:

Strategic communication and outreach initiatives led to heightened visibility and awareness of Lions Club of JB Austin within the community, attracting interest and support from a broader audience.

2. Improved Website Effectiveness:
The website redesign and modernization efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the organization’s online presence, with increased engagement, traffic, and usability.

3. Enhanced Community Engagement:

The introduction of enhanced engagement platforms facilitated greater participation and collaboration among community members, volunteers, and donors, strengthening community connections and driving positive change.

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