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Looking to take your business online and boost your sales? Our e-commerce website development service has got you covered! Our expert team specializes in creating eCommerce websites that are optimized for conversions and user experience.

Why business need eCommerce Site?

Or the question is how eCommerce website can help a traditional business?

In today world, consumer is looking for convenience way to buy things.

There is a huge opportunity for business to gain benefits from having a ecommerce store, where they can sell and promote their products.

And a few more reason why eCommerce site is important:

  • To reach out to more customer
  • Ability to be operate 24/7 (available any time)
  • Better conversion rates
  • Cheaper than physical store
  • Increase brand awareness

Here are 3 main reason why so many business want built their eCommerce Website.

Control and Flexibility

Businesses can have greater control over their branding, customer experience, and product offerings when they have their own e-commerce website. They can also have greater flexibility in terms of pricing, promotions, and customer data.

Increased Profits

By having their own e-commerce website, businesses can avoid paying commissions to online platforms like Shopee, which can eat into their profits. Additionally, they can sell directly to customers without having to compete with other sellers on the same platform.

Long-term Investment

Having their own e-commerce website is a long-term investment for businesses, as they can build their own customer base, establish brand loyalty, and drive repeat purchases. This can be more sustainable than relying solely on an online platform that may change its policies or algorithms in the future.

Revenue in the Malaysia eCommerce market amounts to US$3,681m in 2019. And expected to reach market volume of US$5,751m by 2023.

- Statistics of eCommerce for Malaysia

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